Application Lifecycle Management Services

Your organization must operate in an increasingly complex global business environment in which cloud, mobility, and everything-as-a-service (XaaS) are the data process tools of the digital enterprise. In this environment where applications are foundational to organizational stability, growth and agility, Solugenix Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Services are the key to achieving your business goals.

Why Solugenix

Solugenix Application Lifecycle Management Services have helped some of the largest enterprises in the US manage their mission-critical business applications.

Since our start in 1969, Solugenix has been a leader and innovator in software and systems technology development. That history also showcases extensive experience in supporting applications development.

These experiences empower us to provide end-to-end ALM services that position your business for greater stability, performance, functionality and usability for your end users and customers.

Solugenix Application Lifecycle Management Services

Our Services

Solugenix has decades of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) experience and the expert teams to support your organization through all stages of the application development cycle:
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Solugenix partners with you to bring a specialized framework that optimizes application lifecycle support. We use expert resources and a combination of automation and process engineering to provide services customized to your business model and designed to expand and contract with the demands of your business needs.


  • Process Maturity

    Solugenix’s experienced teams, proven methodology, and partnership approach coupled with industry best practices result in reduced risk and improved stability to achieve optimum operational efficiency.

  • Content Employees

    Your staff will no longer be distracted by application support intervention calls. Instead, they can focus on new and exciting projects.

  • Scalability

    Solugenix is a support partner whose ALM services scale up and down based on your business needs. We serve rapid application growth and expansion through the end of the lifecycle.

  • Capacity to Focus on Your Business

    You keep your focus on strategic initiatives with the understanding that frequent business application outages will not take time and money away from your core objectives.

  • Reduced Year-on-Year Expenses

    Combining dedicated technology experts, tools, and processes with a customized approach results in lean operations with new efficiencies and predictable, fixed monthly costs that reduce year-on-year expenses.

Unleash your IT Services

Our mission-critical business applications don’t manage themselves, Solugenix Application Lifecycle Management solutions help leading organizations, like yours, run their essential business applications with predictability and ease.

Find out how Solugenix can help your organization free up resources and break from the ties of Application Management, give us a call today at 1-866-749-7658, or contact us online for more information.