Order-to-Cash Services for Medical Device Manufacturers

Today’s medical device manufacturers operate in a highly competitive industry, so they never lose focus on product development and premarket approval. Being constantly driven to achieve quality and success within the market often means they cannot provide an equal priority to back-office processes like Order-to-Cash (OTC). That’s why the proven Solugenix approach to business process success is vital to world-class MDM companies that want to streamline their OTC processes and take control of their cash flow.

How We're Different

Solugenix provides MDM companies with a structured and planned approach to OTC that results in consistent account management and collections excellence. With services like consignment account and risk management among many others, our streamlined processes result in greater OTC efficiency and an improved customer service experience.  We’ve built highly effective governance and quality assurance practices into our OTC services that reduce exposure to regulatory compliance and audits.

OTC Services for Consignment Management

Our Services

Solugenix offer comprehensive Order-to-Cash Services that are tailored to the specific needs of Medical Device Manufacturers.

Service Highlights:

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Solugenix Order-to-Cash Services create greater operational visibility through the Center of Excellence. Our proven Center of Excellence approach will provide your company with reporting reviews that drive effective risk management, continuous service improvements and higher profitability.


  • Streamlined processes that result in consistent service delivery
  • Great customer interactions with skilled and experienced agents that protect your brand image
  • Processes that ensure product orders are entered accurately and timely, so customers receive shipments without delay
  • Consignment product tracking for more accurate billing and asset tracking
  • Credit management services that reduce your risk
  • Better collection processes mean shorter DSOs and better cash flow
  • Automation capabilities that reduce manual labor and payroll hours
  • Flexibility and scalability - 24*7 availability enables global support possibilities

Customer Results

Solugenix helped a customer achieve the following within 1 year of OTC Services launch

Solugenix helped a customer achieve the following within 1 year of OTC Services launch

Discover the Transformative Power of Solugenix OTC Services

Our experience working with numerous MDM companies has consistently yielded bottom-line results that show the transformative power of more efficient Order-to-Cash processes. Let us show you how the Solugenix team of experts can help your organization develop, implement and execute effective Order-to-Cash services. To learn more, contact us today.